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Magic Moments Presents Jayna & Barbie

Video: Magic Moments Presents Jayna & Barbie

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Magic Moments
Barbie is so horny waiting on Jayna to arrive for her massage. She lays down on the living room sofa and rubs her pussy. Now she’s really hot and bothered. Jayna arrives soon enough. She’s super hot and Barbie is eager to get her hands on her. Jayna lays on the table and Barbie lotions and massages her down, easing her way down to her pussy. She rubs Jayna’s clit as Jayna moans with pleasure. Barbie doesn’t waste any time diving face first into Jayna’s pussy. Jayna is fully turned on now and she returns the favor by giving Barbie the licking she’s been waiting for all day. But she’s got more in store for Barbie. She puts on a strap on, stroking Barbie’s pussy until she cums.

Stars: Jayna Woods, Barbie Cummings

Suck Sluts Vol. 4

Video: Suck Sluts Vol. 4

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Sinister TV
Suck Sluts Vol. 4 features Angelina Bonet, Ashley Gracie, Shawna Gracie, Shawn Sexton, Samantha Sinn, Tia Sweets, Yvonne, Tiffany, Nina Whett, Meriesa Arroyo, and Marquetta Jewel. These babes all earn a living sucking cock, so it’s obvious that they’re great at sucking a nice hard dick! Watch these Suck Sluts as they thrive in their element!

Stars: Shawna Sexton, Meriesa Arroyo, Tia Sweets, Ashley Gracie, Angelina Bonet, Marquetta Jewel, Samantha Sinn, Yvonne, Tiffany, Nina Whett


Video: Ruthless

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Tug Zone
Four young and very pretty girls that love anal. They get those tight holes stretched and rammed with fingers, toys and a big cock. All four scenes have anal and all these horny girls having gaping holes. Lora who appears in the first scene goes to the extreme as you shall see. It’s amazing to watch, the man who takes over her ass is “Ruthless” with his big cock.

Stars: Eva Cats, Benta, Nonac, Lora, Timo Hardy

Just Put It In Your Mouth

Video: Just Put It In Your Mouth

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D Star Entertainment
D. Starr is the self – appointed champion of the porn world and he’s brought out his championship belt to prove his status! And D. Starr has brought along Chocolate! Chocolate is a mocha – skinned beauty from Detroit. Chocolate has been very curious about making a movie and giving the adult film business a try. And now is her chance with D. Starr! Don’t miss Chocolate put it in her mouth!

Stars: Chocolate, Mr. D Star

Biggest & The Best – Kim Vs. Ebony

Video: Biggest & The Best - Kim Vs. Ebony

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Napali Video
Are you ready for the clash of these two, big-tittied titans? Kim Watson and Ebony Ayes both have incredibly hot bodies. And they’re both stacked up top! Neither one is intimidated nor do they both intend to go tit-to-tit, fight and wrestle their way to glory! These two legendary beauties are fired up and ready to show whose number one!

Stars: Ebony Ayes, Kim Watson

Ninja Episode 3: Kunoichi’s Dynamic Sex Moves

Video: Ninja Episode 3: Kunoichi's Dynamic Sex Moves

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Adult Source Media
Shinobu is a female ninja, or in Japanese, a Kunoichi. She can be very effective in neutralizing her opponents in the heat of battle, but these men think they can subdue her if she doesn’t have a chance to use her skills sexually! Little do they know, her sexual super moves will both pleasure and destroy her enemies! This lusty female ninja will blow your mind with her dynamic sex moves and will arouse all your sexual desires. Watch her use her entire body, from her breasts to her pussy to defeat her foes for good!


Video: Blowjobs

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R.Z. Videos
All natural, horny, and uninhibited amateur German girls give it their all in R.Z. Videos’ film “Blowjobs”! With plenty of kinky group sex, hairy girls, interracial, a massage session gone awry, and even a lesbian SM Fetish scene between two nice Estonian ladies, this flick has something to give anyone a boner!

Darkside Muscle Abuse

Video: Darkside Muscle Abuse

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Iron Belles
It is time to take a walk on the “DarkSide” . . . that is DarkSide Milinda. She loves to punish and dominate men with her muscles! This male learns a very valuable lesson about breaking into someone’s house, and he gets a front row seat to the gun show! From pile-drivers, to Boston crabs, to scissor holds, punching, jumping and so much more… you will wish it was you getting her muscle treatment! Watch as DarkSide Milinda continually gives punishment and more to her intruder. She tramples him to, she grabs his crotch and squeezes and twists hard, she ball kicks and busts, she throws her victim across the room onto the bed and then leaps thru the air on top of him. Her continued energy and domination will keep you on the edge of your seat!!! She is too much!!! Finally it’s time to settle down and then… DarkSide Milinda is getting an oil massage which she greatly deserves after having thrown her victim around the room and squeezed the living daylights out of him!! Perhaps he is the one that needs the massage! . . . .Anyway watch as her body glistens under the oil and see how sensually and gingerly her masseuse rubs her musculature, making it come to life right under the oil!! He also gets into her feet for you foot fetish admirers and spends a lot of time on her biceps as well.

Stars: Darkside Milinda

Japanese Amateurs Exposed 47

Video: Japanese Amateurs Exposed 47

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She walks innocently down a walkway through a mall, where she is stopped by a camera crew. They speak for a few moments and after pleasantries, they move to a more intimate area. A more personal interview is conducted before the real perversion starts; first with a dildo, scissors and a buzzer to shave her hairy pussy, and then the hardcore penetration and pleasure.

Women Seeking Women Volume 104

Video: Women Seeking Women Volume 104

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Girlfriends Films
Amber Chase & Chastity Lynn

Amber berates Chastity for having an inappropriate relationship with one of her vendors. She threatens to transfer her and cut her salary unless she makes it up somehow. She takes her to a bedroom and they start kissing. They explore each other’s bodies and Amber kisses up and down Chastity’s tight body. The intensity picks up and Chastity dives into her pussy. She sucks on her clit and drives Amber wild. Chastity gets her pussy spread open and Amber worships every inch of it. The camera zooms in for some nice views. Amber grabs a strap-on and nails Chastity in doggie and fingers her asshole. The toy is the next thing to be buried deep in her ass. They finish up by tribbing and kissing passionately.

Heather Starlet & Shyla Jennings

Shyla calls Heather to have her come over because she’s having a major panic attack. They start talking in the bedroom and Heather makes a move on her. They kiss and their hands roam all over each other’s bodies. Both girls do some titty worship and then Heather goes down on her. Shyla teases Heather with her tongue and licks her kitty. They grind their bodies together they do some tribbing and lightly caress each other’s bodies before ending things with a kiss.

Nicole Moore & Sophia Bella

The girls are looking at some sex toys in the bedroom and Nicole must be horny because she grabs Sophia for a kiss. They do some tongue dancing and remove each other’s clothes. It starts getting more intense and there’s a lot of lip smacking. They rub each other’s slits and Nicole goes down on her. She slurps on her snatch and teases her clit. They do some tribbing and intensely kiss. Sophia eats Nicole’s pussy and fingers her. Nicole puts on her strap-on and drills her in mish and doggie. Sophia thanks her with a kiss.

Alice March & Prinzzess

The girls are talking in bed and Alice is grossed out by some girl sticking her tongue down her throat. They continue talking and then Prinzzess kisses her to show her that it, indeed, can be a good thing. Their tongues explore each other and the camera captures every twirl. Prinzzess sucks on her tits and kisses down her body. She plays with her pussy and fingers her snatch. Prinzzess sucks on her clit then gets undressed herself. Prinzzess has a bangin’ body and Alice sucks on her tits. The girl’s trib and Alice gets to work. She kisses up her thighs and works over her clit. Alice gets eaten out one more time and the girls kiss the night away.

Stars: Alice March, Nicole Moore, Sophia Bella, Amber Chase, Chastity Lynn, Heather Starlet, Prinzzess, Shyla Jennings

The Best Of Raw 2 (Disc 2)

Video: The Best Of Raw 2 (Disc 2)

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Manuel Ferrara Productions
“In his “Raw” series, director/hugely endowed stud Manuel Ferrara presents intimate footage of private dates with his most lustful porn girl buddies. The “reality porn” showcased in “The Best Of Raw 2” is like a voyeur’s eye view of spontaneous sexual intensity. Manuel makes out with Colombian brick house Franceska Jaimes in his car and on an elevator before treating her to rough sodomy, ass-to-mouth domination and anal gaping. Busty dirty girl Anissa Kate goes from posing for Manuel’s camera to ramming her tongue up his hairy asshole, slurping his fat cock, taking an ass reaming and smearing his cream on her amazing boobs. All-natural redhead Karlie Montana films herself soaping up in a hotel shower before pleasuring Manuel with her pussy and bare feet. Insatiable bombshell Liza del Sierra and Manuel fool around on the bed conversing in French; after a relentless fuck and a smoke break, she takes an anal blistering. Blonde 20-year-old Mia Malkova and longhaired brunette Kortney Kane each enjoy thrillingly “Raw” date experiences.”

Stars: Karlie Montana, Liza Del Sierra, Kortney Kane, Franceska Jaimes, Mia Malkova, Manuel Ferrara

Amateur Night In The Neighborhood #9

Video: Amateur Night In The Neighborhood #9

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Platinum Media
Four more girls watch Francheska Cote (cover girls) in a solo masturbation scene using a vibrator and anal beads. First scene is with Amelie who has great big tits and she gets fingered fucked. Then BJ has a hardcore scene and gets that load on her sweet ass. Scene 3 Erica fucks in a lot of positions, even standing up and he releases his load on her ass. Shannon is in the last scene; after she gets fucked she gets one hell of a facial.

Stars: Erica, Shannon, Amelie, BJ, Francheska Cote

The Best Of Raw 2 (Disc 1)

Video: The Best Of Raw 2 (Disc 1)

Watch This Video!

Manuel Ferrara Productions
“In his “Raw” series, director/hugely endowed stud Manuel Ferrara presents intimate footage of private dates with his most lustful porn girl buddies. The “reality porn” showcased in “The Best Of Raw 2” is like a voyeur’s eye view of spontaneous sexual intensity. Manuel makes out with Colombian brick house Franceska Jaimes in his car and on an elevator before treating her to rough sodomy, ass-to-mouth domination and anal gaping. Busty dirty girl Anissa Kate goes from posing for Manuel’s camera to ramming her tongue up his hairy asshole, slurping his fat cock, taking an ass reaming and smearing his cream on her amazing boobs. All-natural redhead Karlie Montana films herself soaping up in a hotel shower before pleasuring Manuel with her pussy and bare feet. Insatiable bombshell Liza del Sierra and Manuel fool around on the bed conversing in French; after a relentless fuck and a smoke break, she takes an anal blistering. Blonde 20-year-old Mia Malkova and longhaired brunette Kortney Kane each enjoy thrillingly “Raw” date experiences.”

Stars: Karlie Montana, Liza Del Sierra, Kortney Kane, Franceska Jaimes, Anissa Kate, Mia Malkova, Manuel Ferrara

Las Vegas Girls Triple Feature – Lady Dynamite

Video: Las Vegas Girls Triple Feature - Lady Dynamite

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Alpha Blue Archives
The redheaded MILF Colleen Brennan loves everything there is about sex. She’s never been a prude and definitely loves a throbbing cock in her pussy, ass and in between her tits! Everybody gets laid when this busty, cock hungry babe is on the prowl. With orgies, lesbian four-somes, anal penetration, tit fucking, and copious jets of jizz…it’s no wonder this lady is dynamite in the sack!

Stars: Lili Marlene, Laura Lazare, Colleen Brennan, Karen Leslie, Blair Harris, Shone Taylor, Rocky Balboa, Nick Niter

Analyze – Anale Episoden

Video: Analyze - Anale Episoden

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Magma Film
Director Tim Grenzwert and Magma Films present “Analyze – Anale Episoden”, featuring four vignettes showing just how fun it is to have a penis in your butt! From the kinky to the romantic, you just gotta lube up and loosen up and then slide that bad boy right on in there! Starring Bella Blond, Lexa Velvet, Gina Bang, and Mia De Berg!

Stars: Bella Blond, Gina Bang, Lexa Velvet, Mia de Berg, Jason Steele, Steve Q, Ronny Rosetti

The Milgram Experiment

Video: The Milgram Experiment

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Mood Pictures
Mood Pictures conducted a real experiment based on Yale professor Stanley Milgram’s 1961 research. Four outsiders, all women, volunteered to participate. Their task was to punish other girls (spanking models), supposedly to test how corporal punishment affects learning. The outsiders were not aware that they were the real subjects of the experiment, being tested to see how cruel they were, and how far they would go, to punish the other girls.

Stars: Rebecca Simon, Nora Leintner, Erika Green, Zita Berger, Lora Wenter, Vera Milgram, Nicole Amorim, Vanda Miller, Maximilian Lomp

Forbidden Affairs 3 – The Stepdaughter

Video: Forbidden Affairs 3 - The Stepdaughter

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Sweet Sinner
James Avalon, a premier director of porn for couples, helms Sweet Sinner’s “Forbidden Affairs 3: The Stepdaughter”. Struggling writer Nigel Radcliffe (Marcus London) is in search of a muse, and he finds that his gorgeous nymphomanic wife (Dana Vespoli) no longer inspires him. But when his young, tantalizingly naughty stepdaughter Dakota (Carter Cruise) moves in, Nigel rediscovers his love of writing. He can’t help but watch as Dakota becomes increasingly rebellious and brings her misbehavior under her stepfather’s roof, until the film reaches its climax and the heated Father/Daughter relationship comes to a head. Also starring Erik Everhard, Scarlet Red, Logan Pierce, and newcomer Gavin Kane.

Stars: Dana Vespoli, Carter Cruise, Scarlet Red, Erik Everhard, Marcus London, Logan Pierce, Gavin Kane

Hair Pulling Starring Lea Lexis And Blanka Hot

Video: Hair Pulling Starring Lea Lexis And Blanka Hot

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Lea lexis has a bone to pick with Blanka Hot! The movie starts off with the gorgeous Lea lexis dragging Blanka into the living room by her hair. Blanka is seen crying and whimpering and with very good reason. Lea has an iron grip and she shows Blanka that she is not messing around. If you like seeing Femdom action and intense hair-pulling, this is the movie for you!

Stars: Lea Lexis, Blanka

Cocks XL Vol. 3

Video: Cocks XL Vol. 3

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Cum Louder
We all know that everything’s bigger in America, from cars to burgers to, well… cocks! Luckily for the lovely ladies of Barcelona, the same can be said for that Spanish cock! It’s huge, and the girls are simply lining up for a chance to get their tight, wet pussies filled up and pumped by all that massive man meat!

Stars: Ashley, Nuria, Marta La Croft, Nekane

Cuckold Tales 2

Video: Cuckold Tales 2

Watch This Video!

Homegrown Video

These women are bold enough to bring their lovers around their husbands, making them to watch as they enjoy and indulge in their forbidden relationship.

Dani Dare – If You Pass the Camera Around, You Must Pass the Wife Around Too. It’s Only Fair!

Dirk and Dani, one of Homegrown video’s favorite swinging couples, are back in the bedroom and they’ve invited fellow HGV submitter Brannon to join them. All 3 of them have been eager to play together ever since Brannon filmed Dirk and Dani in a past scene, and the sexual chemistry between this group is hot, hot, hot! Dani is definitely an eager beaver when it comes to having multiple partners. It’s a true Cuckold tale that won’t disappoint fans of this niche, and be sure to watch for this group in upcoming HGV Cuckold Tales!

Stephanie – Brannon Asks “Do You Wanna See Me Cum All Over Your Wife’s Pretty Face?”

Homegrown video stud Brannon is back to bang somebody else’s wife for the HGV fans, and this time he is joining very sexy newlyweds Stephanie and Larry for some hot cuckold sex action. Larry is from the UK and Stephanie is from the United States. We were so pleased to hear that Brannon has video of the three of them sucking and fucking for all to enjoy. We hope you will enjoy this sexy Cuckold Tale as much as we did, and be sure and watch for this amazing group of swingers in upcoming Homegrown video releases!

Wild Phoenix – Husband Can Only Watch as a Big, Black Cock Stuffs Her Tight Pussy & Mouth!

Phoenix is taking a walk on the wild side, and her husband has a front row seat to her naughtiness. She is about to suck another man’s cock right in front of him, and he loves the humiliation! Phoenix verbally humiliates him relentlessly by saying things like “look what I brought home,” “take notes while I suck his big cock” and “I see you there, stroking your small pathetic cock.” This is a Cuckold Tale that has a happy ending for all, and we think you will have your own excited ending after watching this Cuckold scene!

Eve Wonder – She Says She Knows Her Husband Loves Watching Her Get Fucked!

This cuckold tale begins with the infamous line “Honey, I have something I want to tell you…” and when Eve tells her husband she’s invited a boy toy over to fuck her in front of him, he sits quietly and doesn’t say a word because that’s what cuckold swingers do. She asks her husband if he likes watching her get fucked by her boy toy, and he barely makes a sound. Her beau just quietly strokes his cock and watches. We liked this girl because of her sensuality, charm, and extreme naughtiness. We think you will become a fan of this Cuckold tale as well!

Stars: Stephanie, Dani Dare, Wild Phoenix, Eve Wonder , Jorge, Larry, Brannon Rhodes, Dirk Stuffer, Sacey, Sub, Dagon

Playtime Nudes Presents: Holly Taylor Jerk off Encouragement

Video: Playtime Nudes Presents: Holly Taylor Jerk off Encouragement

Watch This Video!

Playtime Video
Holly Taylor is Playtime’s hot new blonde bombshell ready to explode and blow cocks to smithereens in her first Playtime Nude’s movie! Get ready to clench balls and stroke cock raw as Holly appears before you with her tight tan perfect body decorated with a sexy red bra, matching red panty and garter belt, with nude colored stockings and black high heels. This sexy Victoria’s Secret looking model is ready for some hot summer fun with you as she lies back on the couch with her legs spread open ready to rock your world. She wants to know if you like her tight red panty pressed up against her tight little pussy.

She asks you if you want to explode all over her nice sexy tits and she removes her bra to show you just how perfect they are. Her barbell pierced nipples are nice and hard for you as she squeezes her breasts together ready to receive your first hot load. She takes her high heels off next and moves to the floor with her ass backed up to your face in her little thong panty. With her pussy lip hanging out the side of her panty she crawls around in front of your face begging for another nice load from your rock hard cock. Dump it on her ass where she wants it. Give her all that you’ve got. Holly rolls over and slides her panty from side to side making sure you get sneak peeks of her beefy labia out the side of her panty. Her pierced clit and beefy labia has you wanting to give her everything you’ve got. She takes off her garter belt and matching red panty and in only her nudes stockings she twiddles her clit with her fingers while you jerk that cock some more.

Holly stands over the top of your face and spreads her pussy open to the sweet pink you wish to bury you cock inside of. Holly tells you to keep fucking that hand for her as she bends her ass over just inches from your face pushing back and forth, closer and closer while you keep fucking yourself. Holly moves back onto the couch for more in your face pussy spreads before moving to the floor and breaking out her pink fuck stick asking you to pretend it’s your cock. She slides you in and out of her mouth spitting on your cock getting it nice and wet before she slides it inside of her pussy doggie style fucking herself nice and good from front to back. Holly is a ball of sexual energy and your cock is her outlet as she drives you in deeper and deeper until you both cum like never before. Holly is rolling around the floor in a skin tight leotard with white knee high socks and the look of seduction written all over her beautiful face. A shiny leotard never looked better than it does on Miss Holly Taylor and with a body like hers she can have whatever she wants!

She wants to reenact her HS days when she was trying to convince her coach to let her make the swim team. She wants you to reflect back on the boner in your pants every time she entered the class wearing her skin tight suit. She knows how badly you wanted to see her tight little pussy under her leotard type suits as you jacked off your cock under your desk. She lets you know that you’re going to have to earn it just like you did back in the day. She wants you to be like one of the boys and pop all over that pussy for her. Give her a reason to take off her suit. Once you’ve unloaded all over her swimsuit she informs you that she has officially make the swim team and now she has proof of that. The leotard comes off and in only her knee high socks she slowly caresses her tight tan body as she bends over in front of your face and instructs you to get it up and cum for her again.

She lets you know how lucky you are to get to see her sexy body and stands over the top of your face and orders you to cum again and blow it all over her nice hard body. Holly invites you to join her in a little mutual masturbation session with her as she slides three fingers deep inside of her tight pink pussy while you pound away at your cock. Holly rolls over onto her tummy and fingers herself from behind while you imagine slamming your cock deep inside of her as you hand-fuck yourself alongside her until you both find yourselves mutually satisfied. Just when you thought Holly couldn’t get any sexier, she does!

In her little blue and white checkered bra and matching panty set she rolls around the bed looking completely eatable as she models her sexy outfit with super slow body movements making sure you see every inch of what you’re looking for. Puffy pussy lips hang out the side of her tight panty as she bends her ass over in your face and tells you to blow a load all over her sexy ass. Tight panty pulling and sexy eye contact will have you ready to pop before it’s time all over again. Holly takes off her sexy bra and plays with her nice round breasts and perky nipples while begging for you to dump another load all over her nice tan titties.

Panty pulling and in your face tugging will have you begging for more as she slowly strips off her panty and imitates you beating you cock off to her as she pounds her balled up hand into her little pink pussy. Holly pulls her ass cheek to the side and spreads her pussy open so that you can see all of her fuck holes at once. She lies back on the bed and grabs the camera for some up close and personal fun as she talks about wrapping her lips around you nice cock and letting you taste her pussy juice. Holly gets on all fours next and back her tight pussy up to your face as she spreads it open to pink showing you just how small her little fuck-hole really is.

Holly slides her fingers in from behind and then reaches for her life like dick toy imagining it’s you as she slobs all over your knob and then slides you in between her tits before shoving you deep inside her wet warm pussy. Holly stands up and drills you straight inside her pussy fast and hard before lying back down on the bed and finishing herself off on her back as her pussy dribbles white creamy juice from the sides of her pussy lips.

Stars: Holly Taylor

Booty Talk 100 – The Final Volume

Video: Booty Talk 100 - The Final Volume

Watch This Video!

West Coast Productions
West Coast Production’s legendary “Booty Talk” series epically concludes with “Booty Talk 100 – The Final Volume”. Brazilian Babe Adriana Malao gets super sexy and super freaky for the camera that she loves. Nineteen year old Harley Dean stars in her second scene ever, and proves that she’s a sex machine with Rob Piper. Just out of high school, 18 year old Teanna Trump proves that she’s going to be the next biggest porn star! Lila Jordan’s first scene is a must see; this lady definitely knows how to ride a dick. Cam girl Diamond Monrow also has her first scene; she bursts onto the scene like a champ, taking on the challenge of Rico Strong’s Big 12 dick. Stay tuned for a bonus scene with Leilani Gold and some behind the scenes footage and interviews.

Stars: Adriana Malao, Leilani Gold, Teanna Trump , Lila Jordan, Harley Dean, Diamond Monrow, Rico Strong, Prince Yashua, Flash Brown, Rob Piper

New Resident Abi – Initial Interview

Video: New Resident Abi - Initial Interview

Watch This Video!

Abi, dressed very nicely in a halter dress with a short skirt, has requested a private interview with Headmaster Tom. Her life so far has been a series of bad mistakes. Under his questioning she reveals that his stern punishments are what she feels she needs to correct her cheating, stealing ways. She even confesses to masturbating during church. Headmaster Tom thought she was kidding. But she was not.

Headmaster lets her know that she will experience shame, humiliation and more for at least 24 hours. And there will be no escape. She can expect his hand, the canes, the paddles, the belt, etc. He will expect obedience. He asks her to completely undress as her 24 hours starts now.

Stars: Abi, Headmaster Tom

My Daughter’s Fucking Blackzilla! 24

Video: My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla! 24

Watch This Video!

HushHush Entertainment
Shane Diesel tells Allaura Sweet to say “Nigga Cock” she says my parents are going to kill me as she sucks on his huge black cock. After cover girl Danica Dillon takes on Jack Napier’s big blackzilla and swallows his load she says “My dad will kill me and him”. Denise has never seen a huge dark dick ever or has she sucked and fucked one. Shane does the job. Jaelyn Fox can’t believe how big Dredd’s bulge is thru his sweats, she says take your pants off. Mia Gold doesn’t think she can fit Jack’s dick in her mouth, wait till you watch her with enthusiasm.

Stars: Denise, Allaura Sweet, Danica Dillon, Mia Gold, Jaelyn Fox, Jack Napier, Shane Diesel, Dredd